Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{ bathe } ~ austin area photographer

Today I want nothing more than to add color to my skin and soak in the warmth provided by the gorgeous sunshine that is beginning to stream in my open windows. Maybe it will add more freckles, maybe I will age a little more, it's all part of life and I want to feel it.

{ freckles + age }

Armed with a giant pair of sunglasses and a big towel, I am now descending from my apartment and headed poolside....


Sunday, March 28, 2010

{feelings show} ~ austin area photographer

First and foremost I have to thank Shelli and Pedro for your extremely kind and timely emails/comments. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You both really touched me and my heart is so full of gratefulness I just can't express it to you enough.

I've felt something brewing inside for the past couple of weeks. I had no idea what was going on, where my mind was, just feeling a little lost and lonely... Luckily I have seen what shutting myself away does, so I didn't isolate thank goodness. Still, I wasn't really able to knock the feeling that something needed attention deep within. Today I think someone reminded me.

{ feelings show }

I haven't been making time for my art. My one outlet aside from running that is 100% me without deadlines or directions. Just taking the pictures that I love, capturing the moments that I see as beautiful. Don't misunderstand, I do love shooting for others as well, but my truest pleasure behind the camera is snapping without expectation, free to interpret the world around me as I see it in my mind and how I want to remember it years from now.

So the above collage is a little sample of what my evening was like, building memories with my most precious treasures in girls. I'm going to challenge myself to take at least one photo a day, and hopefully I will stop neglecting my love and start sharpening my skill.

I'm completely preaching to the choir when I say this, but take hold of each spare moment, in every unexpected piece of time you can snag, do something that matters. Hug your babies, kiss your lover, write your thoughts, read a book, tell a story, sing a song...really and truly live. Finding time is always hard (I know this, with 2 jobs and 3 kids I'm still trying to work in exercise lately) but if you really look hard, there are snippets when you can sit down and color a picture or grab your loved one and say how much you care. These things don't take that much time, but they matter so much, especially when the day is over and you consider what you've done....these things matter most.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

{ one picture } ~ austin area child photographer

Just a snippet from a session last week with a really stunning little boy. His eyes are mesmerizing, they literally jump off the screen in almost every frame I shot that day. *sigh* I'd for sure trade my muddy-brown-green-eyes for crystal blue beauties like this mini man has.

{ 6 months }

Aside from this session, I'm working a LOT at my full time job. The girls and I are doing good and looking forward to summer like mad women. I forecast lots of time by the pool, many cups of lemonade, peppered with a few visits to gobble up yummy frozen yogurt, and a few road trips if for no other reason than to have genuinely wind blown hair from the rolled down windows and open sunroof. Oh summer, please come quickly!!!