Saturday, October 17, 2015

{ journal entry } - mama. daughter. lover. yogi. austin, tx

It was the scent of fresh cut grass.
I rode to the trail and thought of you the whole time.
If you want to know if this is about you, it is.
Of course it is.

I wrapped myself in a purple cloak and twirled under a massive moon.
I ran away, because I run.
You chased me, or I wished that part perhaps.
Something hit my car as I drove away, I know my heart fell apart.
I picked myself up and began the repair.
Suddenly white all around, sunshine and kisses from heaven all over me.
Dreams in real life, pinch me.
I said "pinch" not "punch."
I claimed you took the floor away but I realize now that all along I'd been in the clouds with you.
No regrets, I'll keep falling from the sky if that's what it takes to fly.
Like tandem skydivers, grab my hands and I'll spiral with you.
We were puddles on the ground that time.
We were passion in the grass another.
I was all alone today.

Monday, October 5, 2015

{ take up my senses } - yogi. mama. lover. writer. witness. austin, tx

The morning was tangerine grey.
A red cardinal broke the colors of the sky and landed on a branch of forest green leaves.
Your flavor is scotch and tobacco.
There are so many textures and I recall each one but hardly have space to record them.
White surrounds me.
I'm eclipsed by the shadows of my own fears and I run away to seek certain pain.
At noon the light had turned yellow.
The cast of life busily acting out chaos while we sought serenity and sleep.
Clouds so fragile.
They looked as if someone had taken a brush and smeared them across an endless blue canvas.
Your warm hand on my waist.
I am Mother and protector, I am Child and irresponsible, I am Survivor and stubborn.
Your gaze pulls me in.
A quick magnetic glance and our eyes lock momentarily, you're the only to make me look away.
Each day holds some powerful second where my world explodes.
Fireworks of life shooting into the air and bursting before my eyes.
Lay down a blanket on this hill, let's watch together.