Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{furtive feeding}

Another adventure in my kitchen...

So I guess I haven't really shared on here that I have been juicing a lot since Christmas. I love it, so much goodness in one cup! I have been wanting to bake with the pulp and yesterday I gave it a go.

These muffins are packing kale, strawberries, parsley, grapefruit, and apple!

{healthy treat}

I didn't tell the girls what was in them. They definitely gave me some "lip" when they saw green in the muffins, but I said they were special and just taste. After the taste test, all three agreed they were yummy and finished every crumb. I let them in on the secret...

{healthy treat}

Only Avery was excited to know she had ingested something extremely healthy. Masyn and Evelyn might not trust me again for a while, however...they did ask if I could make the special muffins again for breakfast. Sweet glory.

Today's conquest: Kolaches from scratch. I can report (minus pictures) that they were delicious. I'm feeling so Betty Crocker.