Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{ m i d d l e - c h i l d } - stylist. seamstress. photographer. entrepreneur.

Remember when I used to do this?

{ S F B } - reliving my past

And this?

{ S F B } - reliving my past

Or this perhaps?

{ remembrance }

It's been a very long time since I have sold my designs. Life has taken turns, I have had adventures, challenges, and learned many beautiful lessons. My passions have grown to include new things, like teaching yoga and spiritual healing!! There aren't enough words for me to express the gratitude I have for the avenues that have lead me to where I am, even the ones that seemed ghastly at the time. My world is alive with new colors and sensations that even my wildest dreams never came close to capturing. Daily I am waking up to new truth, the luminous beauty of the Universe, and to Divine energy. With this shimmering, liquid breath that is washing through me, I have been stirred to remembrance. Nostalgia has rekindled inside me talents which I had left dormant while pursuing new jobs and learnings.

My hands run across fabric and come alive with the desire to drape, sew, and style once again. These fingers of mine have been starving to feel the gentle pull of thread between them as I whip stitch a seam closed or secure a button to a tiny blouse. My scissors are sharp and slice through textiles with anticipation of the garment they are readying for creation. Domestic magic is happening as my serger hums in the late hours of the night and remnants of cotton land in dainty piles as a seam is beautifully sheared and stitched tight. In my second chakra creativity is brimming and memories are flooding me, I know that I am a dress maker, a seamstress, a stylist, a fashion guru, whatever you want to call me...I know in my soul I was born to create.

Available soon for purchase....


Styles born from the spark of divine creativity.