Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{ moving } yogini. witness. seeker. austin, tx

The direction is subject to change, but movement is happening. My life has been filled with it in recent months. Moving from one job to another. Moving from one dwelling to a new space. Moving my body. Moving forward through generous amounts of resistance. Moving, away or closer to... just constant motion. It's helped me realize that sometimes I just want to be still, be very still and feel held.

There is much background to all of this and I feel like it will find chapters in my memoir. If you are just stumbling onto this blog, or you know me and perhaps we haven't been close enough that you know the events that have lead to me extreme withdrawal, please accept me apologies for my quiet. I am in a training now where I am recognizing ways that I deal with certain things and one huge way is that I isolate. You probably should not expect to keep 100% up to date with me via my blog (or any social media) but I do wish to update more frequently, and truly I have thought many times in "blog posts" and even journal entries that should have been blogged. It has just been a very raw time for me.

I can say that you should look forward to my creative side kicking back in and clothing hitting the market soon! I have been sewing again and I am excited to share that with all of you and would love for you to spread the word! I am stoked to showcase "m i d d l e - c h i l d" very, very soon!!