Wednesday, March 25, 2009


for the two remaining readers that I have... who are disgruntled about my LONG absences lately. :o) I dedicate this post to you. To remind you that no matter how few and far between my posts, I still love you and I still want to share, I'm just boggled down right now with a myriad of "life" happenings.

At the center of everything I do, my girls bring me the most joy of anything ever. Days like the one pictured here keep me semi-sane and bring to my attention that finding real happiness is often in forgetting the weights of the world and just letting the wind wash over us. Dancing in a dried up pond bank. Shouting at nothing at all just to hear your voice echo. There can be so many things to smile about, and lately I need this lesson.. but my smile is coming back, as I let go of all I don't understand and focus on these simple truths that my girls teach me.

To serenade this post is a new favorite song of mine by Coldplay, it's called "Strawberry Swing." I love it so much, so that's my music musing...because I like it and I think it suits these pictures perfectly!

{ play }

{ play }

{ play }

{ play }

{ play }

Thanks for coming to read this today... I hope I won't be so long in between posts, it's just a hard time in my life and a very intricate story that I am not yet ready to tell. I miss writing though, I miss connecting with you all. *sniff*



Anonymous said...

Awwww...hugs Amelia...remember God never gives you more than you can handle. He knows your strength and strong will!! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I shall just have to get used to being "anonymous"... at least on your blog. Thanks for the auntie fix. I missed seeing Avery here, but she spent a night with Casey last week, and I got my hug at church before she had to go home. so now I just miss my Masyn and Evy hugs. :( Give them each one and tell them it's from Aunt Lisa!

One more thing... I just want to encourage you, so here goes -- Stay in the saddle, little girl, no matter how hard the bronco bucks. Give up, let go and fly off, there is no prize, and you most likely end up with a busted...umm, *something* usually gets busted. Hang in there. You deserve the prize. I just needed to leave that with you. :)

Hope this "comment" isn't too long, but perhaps it will make up for all the freebie views I've had here without commenting! :D

Love you!

P.S.- Taylor reads your blogs too!

Lisa~ said...

Yay!.. A new post:) I can almost smell the fresh air and feel it on my face... LOVE that last picture, I sure miss seeing you guys every sunday.

I don't know all of what you may be going through but I am glad that you can see what is really important and enjoy it anyway.



Kath said...


I'm sorry you're going through a tough time. I love reading your posts, admiring your photography, and listening to your wonderful music choices. "Strawberry Swing" perfectly captures the mood in the photos! Another song to add to my iPod...


carole said...

I hope you find peace soon with whatever it is that is troubling you. Keep your focus on those adorable little beings - they look like they could brighten any mood. hugs,

Rachael Wilkins said...

As always, I have enjoyed another little glimpse into your world and your heart. Listen to your big sister. There is wisdom nestled in her loving words of encouragement.

Abundant grace to you as you walk through whatever season you are finding yourself in.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

We miss connecting with you too.

And whenever you're ready to share, we're ready to bear it with you. That's what friends (or blog readers) are for!

You really ARE cared about around here, lady. By more than 2 people. ;-)

Tonya said...

your girls are so beautiful...

hope all is well...

loved the little glimpse into such a peaceful setting...



Anonymous said...

There are seasons when you talk to your friends everyday and there are seasons when much time will pass but no matter when you talk again we will just start up where we left off. I don't know you personally but have been reading your blog for a long time. I still remember the story of one of your sweet ones using black Sharpie on a newly stripped-wallpapered wall:) Your stories and pictures light up my day.

I will keep you in my prayers, that you will see a light at the end of the tunnel soon.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Well I keep checking back for another little dose of Amelia, the friend I haven't gotten to know yet. Well as far between as these entries may be, you've done it again. Reminded me of a great priority and put just perfectly strange and wonderful how you feel and the pictures as always take me right into my very own little moment of peacful escape and bliss.

Well done, till next time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amelia but you not only have two readers I check your blog all the time, is just that an not best writer of the world {LOL} so I do not comment that much, anyways I'm so happy to see pics of the Girls they are so cute, I hope thing go better with you, but if not remember things good or bad happens for a reason. Only God knows why, and unfortunately sometimes nobody have an answer.

Your Blog friends do Love you
a lot.


Anonymous said... have 8 readers, not 2 and Im sure tons that are too lazy to
LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV your blog but Im sad your not addicted to blogging daily. Great photos as always!!!!

Grannalisa said...

Yea - a new post. I love reading your posts even though I don't always comment. I check everyday but I know that you are busy with 3precious girls and they grow up so quickly!! Wow- just the other day mine were dancing around and shouting at nothing- okay well maybe it was at their little brother. LOL Enjoy every minute of those sweet girls!! Love you -

callmelacie said...

Hang in there, life happens... everybody (especially bloggers!) understands.


Hana said...

Keep your chin up girl! There's always a silver lining on even the darkest of clouds. Just remember to trust in HIM to guide your through the difficult days. We are all here for you!

Hana said...

Keep your chin up girl! There's always a silver lining on even the darkest of clouds. Just remember to trust in HIM to guide your through the difficult days. We are all here for you!

Anonymous said...


jenica said...

you have way more than 2 readers! ;-D these pictures are gorgeous. don't run faster than you have strength to, one day at a time, remembering all the while that you're loved for you.

nic said...

i'm loving the movement and emotion in your images. you are amazing in so very many ways.

hang in there, sweets. love you.

erin said...

gorgeous pics, your girls are true beauties :) I miss seeing them more! And hearing your fun stories about them.