Friday, July 9, 2010

{ disciplined wont } ~ austin area photographer

After a week of of time off work, I am back. My routine resumed yesterday with an opening shift (which means leaving my house by 6:15 am). It was easier to get back into than I anticipated, however everything seemed a little foreign and overwhelming. I came home with an intense desire to sleep. Indeed that would have been nice, and probably even deserved, but I pushed myself to run and workout. I ended my routine with some planks and felt so accomplished that I decided to capture it for a flickr group I have just joined called 52 Weeks Of BAM!

{ planks }

Today I have been fighting the same urge to skip my physical exercise. I'm sad today, for a few reasons, but one thing I have learned for sure, is that if I choose to do the hard but healthy task of getting up and moving, I can surpass the blues and come out in a bright sunshiny mood. I'm going to run right now, and prepare myself for a fantastic day, even though I am still facing the same minor disappointments, I will know that I'm stronger and more fit for the challenges of life.



e.p.visions said...

Great pic, but I like the fortune at the end. It is true. Keep pushing forward, the reward is not far for you!

andrea danielle said...

wow that is such a stunning picture.....too cool!!