Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{ march, truly? } ~ austin area photographer/yogini

I think I lived through February on autopilot because it just seems to have passed without my knowledge. I won't say that I am "so busy" because it's nothing new since my previous post, life is just about finding the order and making time for priorities. As I move closer to my goal of teaching yoga and being a doula, I find that my blog is a necessity in the process and will continue to be something I lean on for expression and communication. One blog can reach so many more than I can via text or phone, however those are still vital. :)

This is what my table looks like most days...a splay of books and coffee mugs, moleskins and highlighters, Crayon masterpieces and hair ties. I'm full throttle in my studying and feeling better than ever (with the exception of a crick I've had in my neck for 3 days). My fear of the learning has become easier to quiet, thanks to a great deal of meditation. Finally I am able to visualize myself as a teacher, this is a beautiful step for me.


I've still been styling as well, so fashion has never taken a full "back-seat" in my life. My conundrum is now trying to find time and occasion to dress up, I just live in yoga clothes and my bar uniform. Although I have to say "darn it Lulu Lemon for being so expensive!" because I could easily shop there for yoga and live happily ever after in my Luon and open back sexy workout gear, maybe it just feels pretty...whatever it is, it works and sadly I can't even afford socks there ($14.00 a pair). My styling is 99% for men so that does help my temptation factor some since we rarely visit women's stores. Street vendors remain a constant source of inner struggle, I love that hippie jewelry and stuff.

SXSW (South by Southwest) is coming to Austin next week. I really am floored that it's been a year. Time has literally zoomed by. Again I lack a badge or wristband but hopefully I will be able to make a few shows or at least just spend some time downtown with all the visiting music lovers. The energy in the city excites me, I love being able to take part in some way this year, I have always been pinned up in a day job through the previous years.

What else can I share today in my attempt to bring you all to speed on my happenings? I'm in work, work, train, home, work, repeat mode for now... I'm still managing to wrangle in some time to spend taking care of myself as I lacked before and I am feeling healthier and stronger in spirit. Finally bought a vacuum and that was the most exciting thing for me in a while, nothing beats the euphoric feeling of cleaning (maybe that's just me). I also got a cheapo printer but I need USB before I can start printing all my amazing Pinterest quotes to scatter around my apartment. Until then I will keep drawing with markers all my study aids like my colorful Chakra chart and lists of Klesas and Koshas. I feel like this..

For more laughs I watch this often..

Now friends, have a beautiful day and please know I have missed you all SO much!!!


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willy said...

happy here for a chance to catch up on what's doin' with you. you are just still so adorable and i love the sweetness you show so beautifully in your posts..........just wonderful...sending love and many good thoughts to you and those cuties too, you are a gift to this silly planet.keep on being YOU!