Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{ around } yogi. photographer. witness. austin, tx.

The words are often there, I choose to pull them down with keys or pen.
They attempt to capture the images that flash by too speedily for lens.

prasarita padottanasan - wide leg standing forward bend

I drive through moments of clarity.
I see severe humanity on the curb waiting for the #4.
The air feels dense with the promise of autumn.
My nose pulled from the depth of my latest book, now keen to inhale experience.

Several black cars drive past.
Silver and sunlight glitter through the windows.
I follow the flow of lyrics that erupt in my head.
Living is so magnificent, I ponder and chide myself for ever being blue.

A soft golden light glows in the corner.
Neighbors are shuffling into their work boots.
The quiet hum of traffic from the highway is drifting in.
Ahead is a day filled with decadence, I indulge in being alive.

Chills prickle down my arms.
My throat becomes stifled with nameless emotion.
So much energy is spiraling around and wafting through.
Each sensation brings me more present, I am splendidly waking.

halasana - plow pose


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