Tuesday, June 9, 2015

{ you called me } - writer. lover. yogi. austin, tx

Oh my sweet girl.
I want to kiss you where it hurts and dab the tears from your cheeks.
I'd give anything to take this pain from you, press my healing hand to your wound.
Tender baby, don't fear.
Close your eyes and you'll see my arms wrap you up, stroke your hair, and lay a kiss to your temple.
Because I've seen your strength I know you'll be more than okay, you will thrive.
Let me be your safety.
Until you've cried all your salty tears and your body ceases to tremble, I'll hold you.
When you've crossed through the fear of dreaming and found sleep, I'll still be next to you.
Tiny lover so frail.
I'm here with you at the center of the earth, remember my chamber and the plush cushions.
Come sneak inside and crawl into my lap, lay your head at my breast and unleash your sobs.
Darling baby girl.
Blue silk, velvet, fur, and all of the softest things will touch your skin and secure you.
Breathe with me angel, squeeze me as tightly as you need until all the hurt is out.
I know you're tired of being strong, fall apart in my den and let me cleanse each injured piece.
You don't have to be bright and held together, shatter and I'll hold space for your sparkling fragments.

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