Monday, January 11, 2016

{ the season } - yogi. survivor. mama. writer. austin, tx

It blew in unexpected.
My arms are still open letting the waves engulf me again and again.
I push life aside to soak in the healing weight of exhaustion.
It's leaving me, if it was ever real to begin with.
My skin burns from the growing light of my soul.
I keep giving all.
More than all, I'm diving to a depth I've never seen and I haven't reached the bottom.
This obsession carries bliss and I'm earning nirvana.
I smell the sweetness of honey and the firmness of my own skin.
Wet hair on my shoulders and ginger on my tongue.
A familiar pain in my back and a new hope in my heart.
I forgot what it felt like to be magic in the eyes of a lover.
I stare myself down like the only one in the room.
The lost pride is shimmering down my body with a new gleam.
Welcome back divine appreciation.
It's cliche, but real.
Thank you to the Universe for holding me when I let go.
Thank you to my girls for needing me to stay.
Thank you to my past for pushing me to grow.
Thank you to the unknown for granting my life the romantic quality of mystery.

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