Friday, August 26, 2016

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It's not that I stepped away from truth, it simply became clouded by emotion and fear.
When I looked that fear in the face it evaporated and my soul came home to my body.
I felt the warmth of love settle in my belly.
My lips curled back into their subtle smile of contentment.
Passion and excitement fluttered once again inside me.
I stood taller knowing that I carried such goodness.
My soul feels like warm sand caressing bare feet followed by a wave washing them clean.
Once again I want to spin in circles as I walk down the street.
Today I played with this body of mine and tossed fabric in the air with abandon and a huge grin.
Life from my essence feels more joyful even when I don't understand the world around me.
I'm thankful for the challenges that bring me back to awareness.
Life slows me down at times to take me higher, the rush is worth the hurt.
My mission has gained clarity and my self assurance has deepened.
I know that inside and out I am calm. light. grace. love. strong.
And when I forget that in the future the universe will call me out.

sirsasana lift off

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