Thursday, May 28, 2009

a log roll

Yes, that's what they call it when I lay down in bed. So it seems very fitting that my mom lost a tree last week to wind and I snapped a picture because it reminded me of my own back laying on the bed. I tried to capture my back for you all with my timer and it didn't work out that well. I will try again another time.

Here is my last diptych for May's SPC theme.

log roll

I am improving little by little. Now I am able to sit up for 30 minutes or so. Currently I am most annoyed by some congestion causing my ears to sound like I am wearing ear plugs. My headaches are still present, but they do take longer to build so I am able to get up and around a little more. I haven't had internet access since the tree fell because it landed on my mom's water well, so we moved to my grandma's house which is not set up for internet. :o(

I'm posting from my mom's today as we have come to get more clothes and a few other things we needed. I am shamefully addicted to my computer because this is what I went to do first when we got here.

So if you want to get in touch with me texting is the only way really. :o( I don't know when we will be back here again and have wireless. I miss you all and I look forward to answering emails and comments as soon as we move back here!



nomi said...

OH NO, without internet, that would kill me!!! I hope you're continuing to feel better every day! I wish I could help out somehow, take the girls for a while...find you a darn computer and some internet access! Thanks for updating so we're not all worrying about you!!!

nic said...

ingenius diptych, but your back is making me wince...ouch, girlie!! you are one brave mama. hang in there...i hope you have some really good novels to read (or just reread twilight a few times...haha).

miss you, and i've been praying for you!

Snoodle Family said...

Hey! Glad that the surgery went so well! :) Miss you and Matt and the girls! :)
Take care!
jenn alford

Snoodle Family said...

Okay I have no idea if my last comment posted or not, because the computer is acting funny! :) So I will try again! :)
I am glad that the surgery went well! :) Miss you and matt and the girls! take care!
jenn alford

Tonya said...

I am so glad you are home safe and your body is healing well...what an ordeal to go through...but I am sure all worth it...recovery is hard both physically and mentally...I hope your spirits are high!