Thursday, September 17, 2009

{memoir possibly}

There is no real reason for me to write a memoir. I'm not famous, I don't have an extraordinary amount of children, there are no significant scandals surrounding my life, and I have yet to be offered a role on reality t.v. However, I was perusing Barnes & Noble on Sunday to kill time while Avery had choir practice.... and I came across a book I very much wanted to purchase! It was all about how to write your own memoir. Still, I plan to go back and buy it, for my own personal enjoyment (yes, I am the geeky sort who actually LOVED homework and writing papers in my brief college experience). Though it will more than likely never see a publisher's desk or be laid subject to en editor, I will write this memoir.

Most recently I have considered writing "All The Famous People My Friends And Coworkers Have Met That I Have Not." A list that now contains Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey, and Rose McGowan. I just can't commit to such lengthy list right now (and ever growing it seems). Although I did manage to sell candles to Jessica Alba (who is incredibly tiny in real life).

So then I toyed with the idea of "The Things My Kids Say Daily." Yesterday ruined that for me, because I really wouldn't want the world to know that I got a text from Avery that read "Masyn is SO disgusting!!!" to which I replied "that's not nice, what's up?" Avery's response..... "she's licking the walls." Yeah, that pretty much shot that idea down in an instant, at least it did for me.

Next was my thought to share my personal musings and observances from my many hours wasted people watching. Again, plan foiled. People have been far too rude lately for me to allow their negativity to encroach on my lighthearted memoir. Although it was recently suggested to me that I am "dark" and possibly "moody." Maybe I should give time to the idea of what I have surmised through people watching, maybe I can even write about the common misconceptions that we as humans place on each other and ourselves. Ah shoot, I'm really just not that smart, it took me like 3 minutes to just put that idea into words and I'm still not sure I expressed it in an ideal manner.

Okay this is really a silly post because as we all know, my memoir will never be more than an exalted diary because I will be the only set of eyes to ever read it... unless I leave it to my girls to read after I pass away. Yeah I think that's actually a good idea..... a memoir on "All The Things I Want My Girls To Know About Their Mama...Even The Not So Pleasant Things." The title could probably use some tweaking. ;-)



Lisa~ said...

I like the last idea alot and the name is perfect!

sarah in pisces water said...

What book was it? I think memoir writing is a fabulous idea. I just got a book called "Old friend from far away" by Natalie Goldberg and I'm having a blast doing the daily memoir topics with six other women.

You never know. I'm sure you're girls aren't the only people out there who would find you interesting, beautiful and worth knowing better. Stick with it. I think it's a great idea!