Saturday, September 26, 2009

a wedding ~ {austin area photographer}

Weddings are a big job. I have only done a couple. Today I'm driving back to my old town to shoot for a sweet friend who is getting married tonight! I just purchased a Speedlite so I can safely attempt indoor shots no matter what time of day or the light... this is insanely exciting to me. What a nerd I am, a flash made my whole week.

In preparation for this event, I not only bought the flash, I also worked all week in order to have off on the weekend. I love work and I tend to give myself entirely over to whatever I am doing, so I pretty much was out of steam by 7 PM when I arrived home last night. I had a snack and went to take a "nap." The nap ended at 6:20 AM today...... I slept almost 11 hours, that's more than I get in two nights combined!!!!! I woke up totally glazed over and my hair looks eerily close to an old picture of Amy Winehouse. My greatest ambition for this morning is to shower and wake up after so much sleep, and try to look nice even though my Chi broke (which actually broke my heart a little as well).

I'll soon be hitting the road, cruising down the highway back to small-town-in-Texas and doing what I love... capturing moments people want to remember the rest of their lives. I feel really lucky right now (minus the fact I could guest star in The Addams Family).

I'll share sneaks when I get back home. Until then, enjoy one of my new favorite tunes, "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train.

Oh and PS. I have met Chuck Woolery who hosted "Love Connection" and I had no idea he was famous until he walked away and someone told me who he was. I used to watch that show when I was little. The song made me think of it, it wasn't totally random that I mentioned him.


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