Saturday, September 5, 2009

{playing favorites} - austin area newborn photographer

Finished with all the proofing and picked out a few more favorite pictures from the session, as well as a few random lists of favorite things.


I love this blanket. It's one I purchased from Anthro after pining away for it for several months. Oh how happy I was to finally use it, I've been saving it for a newborn session.

Which evokes my list of favorite things bought from Anthro:

All my AG jeans.

My teal schlubby cardigan.

My red suede sandals.

Honey & The Moon perfume by Tokyo MIlk. The other day someone said I smelled like a cupcake, that made me feel good.

All my AG jeans.

The red poppy headband that makes me feel saucy.


A list of favorite memories:

Waltonia. It's a campsite my family used to visit every summer. Sometimes I smell things that make me feel like I am 8 years old and swimming in the river again.

These fizzy soda drinks that my aunt used to serve at parties. They had a city skyline on the label and I have no idea what they were, I just remember loving when we went to her parties because that was the only place I'd ever had such a yummy drink.

Racing my sisters and cousins to finish eating at my grandma's house and running to weigh ourselves after to see who gained the most. All I ever remember eating was chili and rice, which can really pack a punch in the weight gain department.

Giving birth to Evelyn. Not to trivialize the other two girl's entrances into the world, but Evelyn's was the most relaxed, special, and memorable of the three. Having her at home and going at my own pace let me take it in and enjoy each moment of the whole experience. I cherish it.

Wearing my grandpa's boots pretending to be a dwarf.

Staying up with Becca and talking all night until I made her fall asleep.


Favorite frivolous things:

Keeping my fingernails polished.

Teaching my girls to say silly things just to get a laugh.

Sunbathing in extreme heat. I love to feel the sun on my skin.

Frozen yogurt. Too much.

AG jeans.

Feeling my hair on my bare back. I have been growing my hair for years and this feeling makes it all worth the wait.

Reading books, all books.


Lastly, a favorite song... "Starlight" by Muse. Wow, I'm such a fan.



Lisa~ said...

Aweee what a sweet baby! and I am with you on the hair on dry skin... I LOVE how that feels. Miss u guys:)

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I have been searching for that blanket!!! A rainbow organic, stringy balnket!! Where has it been all my life? Can I still get it Amelia??

Great shots by the way!!

Rebekah said...

So, you like AG jeans, I kinda get the feeling :)

I must find some red sandals!

Beautiful shots of a beautiful baby - the blanket adds such interest to the photos, too.

amelia said...

Liz~ Blanket is not for sale anymore, it's last year's model. :o) we have loads of gorgeous ones though and Anthro is now open in two Canadian locations.

Thanks for the kind comments and I enjoy hearing from you all!! Thanks for stalking, viewing, emailing, commenting..... it's all welcome!


Removalists Australia said...

OMG!!! That baby is co cute.. I love looking at these photo. Great post!!!