Sunday, August 1, 2010

{ tender rascals } ~ austin area child photographer

Without a doubt in my mind at all...

I have the most amazing girls in the world.

Even days when they argue and squabble, they are really well rounded and interesting kids. This post might be a little bit "soap box-ish" but I want to encourage parents to really take time to get to know your kids, and first you have to let them BE kids...and be who they are. I get sad when I see little clone kids or parents trying to force their children to fit into a mold. One of my sisters told me something I will never forget, she said "every kid goes through phases, but you have to let them experience it or they will always wonder or act out." I respect her and I agree, I grew up quite sheltered and there was so much I wanted more simply because nobody would explain it or let me in on the big secret.

My girls might have some rough edges, my family might say that I spoil them or indulge their whims, and maybe they are loud and hyper...they are the most incredible three girls I have ever met and I am intensely proud of each of them. I make it a point to tell them that too, because I want them to always know they are loved even when we have to leave a store because they are being wild monkey kids, they are loved when they are snuggling next to me while we read chapters of Harry Potter together, they are loved when they beg for impossible things, they are loved by me at all times and through all things, because it's the greatest gift I have been given...the chance to pour all my heart and all my love into the lives of these three mesmerizing souls.

{ capture forever heart, and understand the value of this moment in time. }

Quotes and stories to come... I'm getting sleepy and have a very ungodly alarm clock that will go off at a horrific time tomorrow.....


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