Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{ toddler lingering } ~ austin area child photographer

Today I found a CD with pictures saved from my old computer that crashed...a little treasure nugget of what I thought had been lost. A lingering so to speak, of Evelyn's infancy and toddler days.

{ remembrance }

I can hardly even believe I once had the Sweet Feet Boutique business, 3 girls, my photography business, and marriage all at once. I thrived and loved it all. I'm getting back to doing what I love one thing at a time it seems. My life is in great transition and I really am excited about the opportunities before me. Sometimes I get a little frightened, but I remind myself what a great friend said to me recently... "fear and excitement are the same emotion, but our mind tells us whether we are scared like something will hurt us or we are exhilarated like when we ride a roller coaster." Stephanie, thank you, that thought is keeping me with my chin up and my dream ahead of me choosing to be thrilled about chasing what I want. Thanks for for support and encouragement! More news to come as I am able to share it.....


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Anonymous said...

The one thing I missed from you is see your beautiful designs from sweet feet boutique. your designs were so pretty you need to do that business again as a part time.